Importance of small business

Larry 'n NassauLast Saturday I drove past a couple dozen restaurants to have lunch at Greenfield’s Three Spoons Dinner. I love the food and I most always run into someone interesting to chat with.

I got to talking with the owner, Doug Gall, about his future plans and was told that if everything works out he will be able to employ up to 18 new people. That got me wondering about how many he already has working in the restaurant. I started counting on my fingers and got to 15 for sure and there could be others I’m unaware of.

That a pretty impressive number of pay checks coming out of one small downtown store front and since the majority of those employees live in the community a good part of their pay goes right back into the village’s economy.

A restaurant is a labor intensive business and most retail stores wouldn’t hire that many people. But if every currently empty store front was occupied it would add up to a goodly number of paydays for our residents and a good shot in our economic right cheek.

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