Yet another bullshit conspiracy theory

Larry 'n NassauWhen president Obama won the election in 2008 gun sales in America soared. When re-elected in 2012 sales shot up again. It seems like the paranoid gun crowd just can’t get a grip on reality after the election of the nation’s first African-American, Muslim, Godless, communist, socialist, Fascist, foreign-born, unpatriotic, white people hating president.

I don’t know when or where it began but for sometime now the heavily armed paranoid crowd has been ranting about how the US government is buying up all the ammunition preparatory to carrying out its plan for a left-wing liberal dictatorship that will declare the end of 2nd Amendment rights and enslave, “We the People.”

I’ve done a number of Google searches on this subject and never found a credible scource. The nation’s newspapers of record haven’t reported on the subject while Fox News has been filled with the story. Some would say Fox is a credible source but that would only be due to name recognition and not a record of telling a factual truth. After all, Fox boss Roger Ailes, famously stated that Fox is in the ratings business, not the truth business.

The Daily Kos did run a story on April 29, 2013 stating there was zero credibility to the claims of the Glen Beck crowd. To the contrary Kos claims there has been no increase in federal ammo purchases and that the NRA confirms this. Hell, even the conservative blog, Breitbart, calls it all a myth.

I know everyone is going to believe what they want and the Becker’s out there are never going to allow solid information or reason to get in the way of a good conspiracy. But, damn it would be nice to see a few more signs of intelligent life in this country.

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