The Pipelines of Fayette County

Driving through Northern Fayette County in recent months I’ve noticed a major construction project taking place. At first I thought it was new road construction but then decided it wasn’t chewing up enough dirt for that. Last week I drove by a construction area just South of I-71 and saw that they were laying a major new pipeline across our part of the globe.

A little research during coffee this morning revealed that this new trans-Ohio tube, called the ATEX Express, is being built to carry oil and natural gases from Eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Fayette County already has several pipelines beneath its soil, including the Rockies Express, completed in 2009. Word on the street has it that pipeline developers are soliciting landowners for rights to build another pipeline, the Bluegrass Pipeline.

These pipeline projects bring with them both good and bad news. They all carry environmental risk and cause inconvenience and disruption of agricultural efforts for the landowners but, they also produce sizable tax incomes for the counties and municipalities through which they pass.

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