Our Collective Power, Getting the Word Out

Larry 'n NassauSeveral years ago Leah Perie ask me to help create an entry for a contest being sponsored by the Kellogg company. The winning communities would each receive $15,000 towards upgrading their sports facilities. I wrote a few paragraphs about Greenfield’s circumstances, submitted the application, and through the Internet an army of Greenfielders were able to spread the word. People with Greenfield connections, literally from around the globe, cast their ballots and in the end Greenfield was chosen as a winner. The community also caught the attention of the nation for this and its other efforts to save its Little League baseball program. Remember the Gang of Nine and the coverage they received from the national media.

The point of me writing this is to remind you all of the power of our collective voices and effort. I have previously mentioned my effort to create a website promoting the tourist worth of the ever-growing Amish and Mennonite communities in our region of Ohio. Thought the power of collective effort the word about it is spreading via the Internet. I ask my Facebook friends to share the information with their friends and ask that they in turn share with theirs. The results have been surprisingly immediate.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00054]Just a day after putting out the request I discovered another blogger had visited my site and reported my story on his blog, which is dedicated to Amish culture and especially Amish food and recipes. I could tell from my site’s statistical software that this mention drew many hits from a wide area of the nation. I contacted the blogger, thanked him for the inclusion, and suggested he also visit the new website, ametrail.wordpress.com.

Next day I received an email from the blogger, Kevin Williams, informing me that his upcoming day trip guide-book will include a piece about the AMETrail and a link to the website. This was great news and whatever it results in I know two things for certain. First, it resulted from someone helping spread the word and the more people who follow this lead the greater the odds are that somebody will rise out of their recliner and pay us a visit. Secondly, when that person does get in their car and head our way they will leave more than a dollar or two in their wake.

Every dollar that is spend in our area, regardless of who gets it, helps to enrich us all. I ask you all to help spread the word. In today’s computer age all it takes are a few kind words and the click of a mouse.

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