A Curated Flea Market

used shoesIf you belong to an organization looking for a fund-raising project you may be interested in organizing a monthly “curated” flea market. By curated I simply mean one in which the host organization filters or selects the vendors to make sure a certain variety and quality of fleas are offered for sale. Admission is free but the profit comes from the fees paid by various vendors.

There’s nothing new about this and a Cincinnati group, City Flea, has just concluded its third successful season. Flea markets can be major draws for a community. Many of you may recall the gun show held at the Fayette County Fairgrounds back in the 70s and 80s. It began as a gun show and grew into a major monthly event with offerings far beyond guns. What I enjoyed most about that event, unlike fleas such as Caesar’s Creek, a lot of the vendors were just people cleaning out their basements and garages and not permanent commercial vendors.

While the example provided, City Flea, is an urban organization there is no reason the same concept couldn’t work in a community such as Greenfield. It is also something that might be combined with the farmer’s market.

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