Beer Update; October 1, 2013

One of my favorite things to shop for is beer. I especially like shopping in stores with large displays of single bottles that let you to assemble your own variety six-pack. Until recently the closest place to do this was Jungle Jim’s near Cincinnati. A few days ago I discovered that our local Kroger’s store was now offering this option. The main difference between the two stores is the huge variety available at the Jungle.

Nevertheless, I grabbed an empty cardboard six-pack sleeve and filled it with six brews I either never had or hadn’t tried in many years. Last night I indulged myself with two different brews, a Canadian lager and an American amber ale. It’s been many years since I’ve had a Canadian beer such as Labatt’s or Molson. One of my choices was a Molson lager which I found very refreshing. It reminded me very much of Heineken or Kalik (Bahamas), very clean and crisp.

The amber ale came from Oregon’s Henry Weinhard Brewery and named Redwood Flats Amber Ale. It took me forever to finish it and I have decided I really don’t like amber ales, they’re just too hoppy or bitter.

So, I batted 50/50 last night but that’s what I like about picking your own six, you get to try lots of different offerings and now and then you come across one you really enjoy. You also come across those you really hate. But discovering that doesn’t leave you with the rest of a six-pack to finish.

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