Designing Greenfield

designing greenfield officeDoug Karnes, a McClain graduate and registered architect, is lending his time and experience to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Greenfield for long-range planning and development of the town’s business district.

Through the generosity of local businessman, Pat Hays, Doug now has office space to work out of. Located at 317 Jefferson Street, Doug, who resides in Louisville, KY,  will be in town every other week on Thursdays and Fridays, schedule permitting.

Currently he is visiting and taking inventory of all the buildings in the business district to find out their current condition and future potential. Before the end of the year he plans to make public his first findings in what will be phase one of a three-part study.

While he is not asking for help I’m sure he would welcome the assistance of anyone who has some time to devote to the cause. Doug can be contacted via his Facebook page.

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