Pop-Ups are a Comin’

pop-ups photoAs you my be aware there have been any number of Facebook discussions about the future of Greenfield in the past several weeks, many of them outgrowths of comments and articles expressed on this site.

More recently someone posted a link to a concept of utilizing empty storefronts called pop-ups. Basically a store owner would build a number of multi-purpose plywood modules that could serve as display cases, tables, a performance stage, seating, etc. Then, anyone needing temporary space for whatever reason could rent the room and use the modules in a way that serves their needs.

The good news is, while having lunch in Greenfield today I talked with the owner of several storefronts and was told he and his wife loved the concept. Hopefully they will pursue it and in the near future begin offering space for a variety of pop-up events.

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