Tom Adams’ Greenfield

Greenfield’s Tom Adams has modeled the town’s historical past for several years. I had heard about his creations but never seen them until last year’s History Day. Housed in the old B&O Railroad depot I was impressed with the research and detail Adams puts into his projects.

Last year’s display recreated the area along South Washington St. that encircled the B&O depot and the Waddell and American Pad and Textile facilities. Since I grew up in that area it was like taking a trip back into my childhood.

I had heard that Tom was bringing some new stuff to History Day 2013 and was expecting to see a few additions to last years presentation. Instead he came equipped with a whole new display covering a completely different area of town, that in and around the old DT&I Railroad depot. Though I recall much of it, Tom went back before my time and by the time I came along there had been great changes. Many of the companies had ceased business and their buildings demolished and the land given over to farming.

I took the opportunity to snap a few photos with my cellphone camera to share with you not able to attend the Greenfield Historical Society’s annual History Day. Enjoy and if you have any thing to add just leave a comment.

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