Technical Evolution

I been watching a lot of foreign television, mostly British and mostly who done its. Many of the series have been period pieces and ran for many seasons. Over the life of the series it’s been interesting to note either the lack of modern technology or the evolution of things that have become so common today. The series, Foyle’s War, was set in World War II England and the cops were equipped with nothing resembling a computer or a portable communication device. Makes you wonder how they ever solved a crime.

The most recent series was the BBC’s Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren. It is set in the 1990s and begins with DOS based computers tied into regional networks but nothing resembling today’s Internet. The coppers were equipped with personal beepers and 2-way walkie talkies. Early on the detectives were issued very clunky cell phones and as the series evolved the computers became more recognizable and the cell phones smaller but they never reached the ubiquitous smartphone of today. Best they could do was make and receive phone calls. Given the technology level that today’s crime fighters, especially those on TV, have it makes me wonder how any crime can go unsolved these days.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at where we were just a few years ago. Maybe you’ll find this photo as interesting as I do. Oh, and don’t forget those bag phones we all thought were the bomb!

cellphone evolution

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