Obama haters

FACTOID: By the end of the 2012 election it was clear that a brother couldn’t catch a break. By that time at least 89 Obama bashing books had found their way to the shelves of the nation’s book stores. Obviously there’s money in unmerciful criticism but some historians argue that what Obama has faced was also faced by founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

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  1. “By the end of the 2012 election it was clear that ‘a brother’ couldn’t catch a break.”

    Gimme a break. You’re turning this into a racial issue. The scrutiny goes far beyond race. Yes, there are idiots out there that criticize based on race, but that’s just called stupidity.

    The President of The United States is held to a very high standard and should be. If he makes dumbass decisions, especially those that affect “we the people”, then he’s going to be called on them. Some people choose to write books while others will just make fun (i.e.: SNL–good stuff!).

    My point is that EVERY president has been/is under the microscope…just as is every politician in general. This culture thrives on chaos and scandal–warped, I know. Take former president George W. Bush for instance. By his second term he couldn’t do anything right and the people couldn’t wait to get rid of him. The same goes for Obama. He promised change with his slogan “FORWARD.” There’s been change alright, but I can’t say that it’s been a positive, forward moving change. We’re still living in the ruts of the recession that began when Bush was in office and hit it’s peak while Obama was in office. He’s not helping with the unemployment rate (only those receiving unemployment benefits is statistically reported) and only further complicating the struggle of living with his self imposed ObamaCare crap. I don’t expect you to completely understand the nightmare this has caused since it has not affected your benefits the way it has so many of the drowning middle-class.

    1. I didn’t turn this into a “racial” issue unless my use of the word “brother” is perceived as such. I did say that some historians see nothing new in what Obama has experienced. However, I think much of the unfair criticisms directed at Obama have their basis in racism.

      1. what was the name of the rep. Congressman or the rep. Senator that voted for the aca in congress when the law was imposed?

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