The world’s best beer?

founderskbsMy favorite beers is a frequent topic on this blog and many of you know I’m constantly searching for the best to be found. I don’t have lots of fancy prerequisites like those gourmands out there, I just like a brew to taste like a brew and not a bouquet of flowers or a spice cabinet.

With that in mind a friend sent me a link to a story about US and Midwest beers. is a site that contains information about hundreds, if not thousands, of beers. It features reviews by both the site’s staff and the public who log in and submit their comments on the brews they’ve tried.

Apparently once a year RateBeer issues their top choices in the 21 recognized styles of beer and the American Midwest made a decent showing for itself. The beer chosen as “The World’s Best” was an imperial stout made in Michigan by Founder’s Brewery. At almost 12% alcohol their Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) is aged in bourbon barrels and according to one reviewer, “It tastes like bourbon without the ethanol.”

Back in the late 1950s I got totally trashed on bourbon at a friend’s wedding. I had never tasted whiskey up till then and got so sick that to this day I can’t even think about bourbon without getting a little urpy. With that in mind, and despite my love of stouts, I seriously doubt I’ll have a bottle of Founder’s KBS on the shopping list for the next field trip to Jungle Jim’s.

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