Warm towels in Connecticut

Electric towel warming stand. A great creature comfort.

Couple of decades ago I spent a very cold winter night in an old stone Connecticut farmhouse. The place was drafty and bone chilly and before going to bed I decided to take a hot shower to warmed up. Creature comforts are usually not high on my list but upon stepping out of the shower I found my guest towel hanging over a large chrome plated metal rack. To my delight I discovered the device was an electric towel warmer and nothing that could have served me better at that moment than wrapping up in a heavy warm terry cloth cotton towel.

Instantly I decided to shop for a towel warmer for our bathroom but just as quickly realized we didn’t have the space so the idea and the memory got buried. A few years later we had a propane furnace installed and by great fortune the warm air duct in the bathroom was directly below the towel racks. If I time my shower correctly the furnace will kick on about 90 seconds before I reach for the towel and the pleasure of that Connecticut evening comes rushing back.

I just did a quick Google and discovered for less than two-hundred bucks you can pick up an electric towel warming rack at your neighborhood Lowe’s. You’ll forever thank me!

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