What American president are you?

george-washingtonThere’s probably a kazillion surveys on the Internet one could take but I ignore most of them. On occasion, though, one comes along that catches my fancy and I take the time to answer the questions. A few weeks ago I published one that supposedly provided an inkling of where one resided on the political spectrum. For me the result was slightly left of moderate liberalism, not far from Gandhi and Mandela.


My most recent survey was 50 questions that supposedly show which of 25 US presidents your personality most resembles. My results place me closest to the current president, Barack Obama. According to some Ph.Ds my scores indicated this about my personality:

Not likely to discriminate on the basis of race or sexual orientation.
More likely to be pro-choice rather than pro-life.
Likely to feel trapped by the status quo.
Likely to enjoy complex and abstract discussions.
Likely to be more knowledgeable on academic topics.
More likely to have a tolerant attitude towards smoking.
More likely to favor mild criminal punishments over harsher ones.
More likely to watch TV, read the news, and stay up to date on current events.
More likely to mobilize your friends to take part in your own interests.
Someone who seems opinionated to others, while being in fact quite open-minded and tolerant of opposing views.
Less likely to frequently change jobs and partners.

Less likely to end up in jail or to get in trouble with the law.
More likely to generally agree with your immediate friends and family.
More likely to simply avoid people who are hostile to you, or with whom you are in disagreement.
More likely to oppose capital punishment.
More likely to take a favorable view of government welfare programs.
More likely to enjoy fitness training and physical exercise.
More likely to nurture a few select beliefs that you regard as settled in stone.
Less likely to flirt with harm and danger.
Less likely to have insurance or to belong to a labor union.

That’s a pretty long list but for the most part it represents how I see myself. The good doctors are wrong about insurance and union membership. I’m insured to the max and belonged to a very powerful most of my career. I came from a strong union family. About smoking, as an ex-smoker I have almost zero tolerance of those who smoke. And that thing about liking physical fitness; I spent most of my life lifting a chalk stick and today have a difficult time doing even that. I hate exercise. And the one that really caught my eye was, “More likely to generally agree with your immediate friends and family.” I’m guessing my friends and family who saw that enjoyed a great laugh.

So, if you like this kind of thing here’s the link to the survey.

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