Craft brew update

ohio craft beer logoI read an article about the huge popularity of craft brews in America and the growing number of craft breweries. The whole thing seems to center on quality, variety, and proximity. People today want a choice of locally brewed beers of a higher quality.  It was said there are now 2800 breweries in the United States and it is the small craft breweries  that are showing the most growth, not the big name brewers.

That same article discussed three Cincinnati craft breweries who within their first six to eight months in business had seen sales climb to what they had thought would take at least several years to reach.

I was discussing this with the owner of an area bar and restaurant who had said he was planning on replacing his big name draft selections with craft brews. He mentioned a craft brewer, Yellow Springs Brewery,  in Yellow Springs, Ohio as being the nearest thing to a local brewer he knew of. They too had experienced growth much faster than expected. In the beginning they had planned to sell most of their product wholesale to area bars and restaurants. They have a small bar at the brewery and the business has been so good there is little left over for wholesale.

I mention all this because it is even more apparent that someone is missing the boat by not getting into the craft beer business here in Greenfield or Highland County. Plus, there is a growing demand for and shortage of premium hops. I have researched this before and found that our area is capable of supporting hops production. Tired of looking at soybeans and corn? Hop on the beer wagon!

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