Only $5995.00

In the 1960s a new Chevrolet cost less than $3,000 and in the early 1970s I purchased my first home for $15,000. By today’s standards those are incredibly affordable prices but just the opposite is true of computers. As you can see from the advertisement a state of the art computer system was bargain priced at just short of $6,000.

pc add from 80s


On a teacher’s salary I couldn’t afford a PC at those prices so I waited until I found a true bargain in the late 1980s. I purchased a Radio Shack Tandy 1000A for $1,400 and it came

with dual 5.25″ floppy drives, a color monitor, keyboard, the latest version of Bill Gate’s DOS operating system, and a dot-matrix printer. Next day I had to spend another $200 for an optional card to run most popular programs. A year later I found a deal on a ten megabyte hard drive for another $200.  I had over $2,000 in it and yet it was a hell of a bargain.

How things have changed. In today’s world most new cars cost more than I paid for my first house but computers have become throwaway technology. It amazes me that my smartphone is hundreds of times, if not thousands, more powerful than that Tandy 1000A and AT&T gives them away with a two-year contract. Wish I could get a similar deal on a new car.

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