$25 vs. $300 K, that is the question?

bariatricsugeryMost of you know I had bariatric surgery in early 2008 and ended up losing and keeping off one-hundred plus pounds. The decision to to do so significantly changed my life in many positive ways.

Since then I have heard it reported that those who suffer from diabetes are frequently symptom free shortly after surgery. Doctors don’t really understand this phenomenon but it is seems related to the surgery and not subsequent dietary changes.

The subject was recently discussed on the NBC Nightly News and suggested that bariatric surgery be used as a cure for diabetes and not just weight loss. NBC reported that they average cost of a bariatric procedure is $25,000 and frequently not covered by insurance policies unless the patient is “morbidly” obese. On the other hand, the cost of treating a person with Type II diabetes over their lifespan averages around $300,000.

Seems to me the insurance industry needs to revisit this issue.

One thought on “$25 vs. $300 K, that is the question?”

  1. Larry, I agree. The insurance companies need to realize the long term cost savings (not to mention the health benefits) that will come about if they approve the Gastric Surgery Cost. Not only are there successes in reversing Type 2 Diabetes, but also in helping to prevent heart disease, stroke, mental health issues, etc. $25k is a drop in the bucket compared to what will be paid in the end.

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