Greenfield native develops new flower

Hull's SparkyGeorge Hull, a graduate of McClain High School and at time a professor of landscape design at Arizona State University. I recently came across an article from The State Press about a new flower George produced and brought to market. He has offered to provide G3 with some seeds for their community garden project but I’m not sure they will do well in our climate. I’ll have to check.

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  1. Actually, Larry is slightly mistaken only in that I am arranging to have small plants shipped to Greenfield not seeds. This is the normal way that plants are shipped into a growing nursery. I am hoping that perhaps the FFA or similar group who know about plants can take these then and pot them up into small pots and offer them to the community. This plant has relatives native from central Arizona down into Argentina and one even in Africa. It will not be reliably hardy after a cold winter but will love a warm sunny aspect now. If you wished, you could do as my grandmother used to do with her geraniums, bring it in for the winter. If there are any questions at all, please email me at or you can even text me a question at 623-764-1030. Wishing all the best

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