True stories about cops & donuts

cops & donutsI saw the included photo on Facebook and it brought to mind a couple of true stories about the love affair cops are supposed to have with donuts.

The first one involves a former chief of police in my hometown. We were having a private conversation once and I asked him about what he would be doing if he weren’t a cop. His response was, “I won a blue ribbon once at the county fair for my donuts. I think I’d like to open a donut shop.” Sure enough, several years after he got out of the cop biz he went in with his brother and opened a donut shop that, by coincidence or design, was directly across the street from the village police station.

Several years before this we were returning from Columbus in the midst of a snow storm. At Washington Court House we decided to stop at the local United Dairy store for a dish of ice cream. As we pulled into the lot it became obvious that area police protection was at minimum due to the parking lot being nearly filled with abandoned patrol cars. Inside most of the tables were filled with uniformed officers with trigger fingers on coffee mugs and not service weapons.

What made the moment, however, was a large delivery van wrapped in the bold and familiar logo of Krispy Kreme Donuts.

krispy kreme truck

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