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greenbirdA friend of mine is in the business (GreenBird) of providing products that help improve the habitat for our bird populations. I recently received this post from him with ideas about turning your property into a recognized bird sanctuary. We have been ardent bird feeders for decades allowing

our woods to remain very natural provides lots of habitat for birds and other wildlife. Anyway, thought some of you creature lovers might enjoy this info.

If you have several acres or just a balcony, you can provide for the wildlife outside your windows

Professional wildlife managers know that there are a few essentials to provide for wildlife: food, water, cover and places to raise their young.  These are also things that almost anyone can provide on a much smaller scale.
We have a pretty small lot with a big house, drive, walkways and blue stone terrace covering most of the land.  We, though, are a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  How do we do that?

To be a Certified Wildlife Habitat you need to provide water, food and shelter.
Well, we have three small ponds and keep two birdbaths to provide water for drinking, bathing and just cooling off.

We also have many native plants that provide berries and seeds for food.  Some of these are even ornamentals, but the birds don’t care how pretty they are, just so they have berries to eat. All of the flowers we have in our GreenBird Seed Pies are flowers that the birds like to eat the seeds they produce.  We also keep feeders going all year for birds and in the summer for hummingbirds.

Our yard also has a many shrubs that provide shelter for animals to raise their young and just hide in for safety.  We also put in several dry stack rock walls that shelter an abundance of Rock Wall Lizards.

While this is good for the birds, animals, reptiles and insects, it is also good for the humans.  I love watching the birds and other critters that also call our place home.  Okay, not always so crazy about the squirrels but we did rescue two babies this spring.  I found them out of their nest and hiding in our ivy patch.  We kept them going until they could be on their own.

There is a feeling you get as you watch these little beings that transcends everything.  It is such a simple pleasure but brings such a feeling of peace, joy and connectedness with nature.  I love working in the garden, being followed by my robin friend, having butterflies and bees as companions, and knowing we all work together to make this world work.

Consider making your home a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  Check it out at

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