Shades of McCarthy at Fox News

You either have to be my age or have paid attention in your history classes to know how Senator Joe McCarthy pulled numbers out of his hat regarding the communist threat inside America. He never showed anyone his proof and the size of the threat changed with every audience he addressed. On one day he might claim having a list of 100 names of government employees who were card-carrying members of the communist party. On another occasion the list may be 27. It was totally manufactured and it has been rumored that in the beginning McCarthy didn’t even know what communism was. He just realized it was something people feared and that he could use that fear to further his own ambitions.


Well, that’s what often comes to mind when watching the so-called experts on Fox News. They just pull numbers from their hats to generate an emotional reaction that will lead to them being asked to come back again.

Take for example the guy who claimed that Birmingham, England was totally Muslim and the police feared going into the city. That untruth even evoked England’s Prime Minister to publicly take exception.

Yesterday another Fox expert appearing on the Neil Cavuto program claimed there were 19 Muslim paramilitary groups training inside the US. In 2009 Sean Hannity reported there were 35 such groups.  These are but two examples and to date no hard evidence has been provided to support either assertions.

Shades of Joseph McCarthy,  deja vu,  it’s 1952

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