Do you blame Dubyah?

jeb bushIn a recent TV interview Jeb Bush asked the question, “Does anybody actually blame my brother for 9/11?” Well the answer is, yes, there are many who do and apparently it includes Donald Trump. Trump spent last week laying responsibility for 9/11 on Jeb’s big brother, if for no other reason, he was living in the White House on that day.

Jeb continued to defend his bro by saying it wasn’t what happened on 9/11 that Dubyah should be graded on but what he did afterwards,  “It’s what he did afterwards that matters. And I’m proud of him and so are a bunch of other people. You don’t have to have your last name be Bush to understand that.”

Jeb Bush is in a proverbial pickle with trying to distance his brother without seeming to throw him under the bus. He insist that GW protected us following 9/11 and that’s where I find the problem. I have never blamed George Bush for 9/11. Those roots go back too far to lay on just one person. Osama bin Laden’s hatred for America goes back to at least the first Gulf War when another Bush occupied the presidency. President Clinton was on watch when bin Laden attacked several American interests and decided to not take the opportunity when flying a cruise missile into Osama’s camp fire when it availed itself.

I was never critical of Dubyah attacking Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. I was never critical of him tracking down and trying to break the back of bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.

What I am critical of is Bush’s taking the war in Afghanistan far beyond a mere settling the score or getting even with what had happened in America. I have never approved of America getting bogged down in Afghanistan for almost 14 years now  while spending trillions of dollars and thousands of young people’s lives.

What I am critical of GW for is lying to the American people about the threat of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and taking us into a war of aggression that became the second longest war in our history and one in which still has us involved in a part of the world that is a genuine nightmare.

This is Jeb Bush’s conundrum, he can love his brother, like his brother, want to drink a beer with his brother, but, he cannot defend what his brother did. There is no substance in what Trump is claiming but there’s lots of substance that could easily ruin Bush’s chances of making the White House the Bush family estate.

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