To Bogart or Not to Bogart?

A friend who said she trusted my views on politics (can you imagine that?) ask me what I thought about Ohio’s upcoming Issues 2 and 3? I told her that I hadn’t done my homework yet but would do so and get back. Well, the homework is finished and here’s what I think I’ve figured out.

  • First of all, this shouldn’t be an issue in Ohio. As a people we’re just not supposed to be this liberal. These things happen on America’s two coastlines.
  • Next, there’s a riff between the old stoners and the new stoners, those new kids on the block who are in it for the money. The old stoners all about pot belonging to the people, “man!”
  • Issue 3 would permit recreational marijuana in Ohio. But, the number of stores licensed to sell it would be limited and only ten companies would be allowed to grow it. Individuals would be allowed to grow up to four plants for their personal consumption.
  • The old stoners don’t like these limits and see it as those with money grabbing a monopoly on weed. I guessing there’s also something I’ll call the “real” stoner and that is the person who just wants to cop a buzz without worrying about doing jail time.
  • The opposition to Issue 3 comes from exactly where you think it would come, churches, conservatives, some law enforcement groups, old woman flower clubs, and people who just have overly tight sphincters. Surprisingly, you’ll also find some of the old stoners in the opposition. They’re just pissed that legal weed is not happening the way they thought it should. It’s not a grass-roots (pun intended), power to the people, thing.
  • Those in opposition are using confusion to fight their battle. They jumped on the anti-monopoly bandwagon and created Issue 2. Issue 2, if passed, would essentially make it illegal to form a monopoly in Ohio, thus making Issue 3 illegal.
  • So, here’s the deal. If you want legal grass in the Buckeye State and you don’t give a crap about who grows it and who sells it, vote NO on Issue 2 and YES on Issue 3.

Okay, that’s my summation of the question about legal marijuana in Ohio. If I missed something please bring it to my attention.

yes on 3And by the way, I’m casting my votes to make marijuana legal in Ohio. There was a time when marijuana was legal and freely grown in this nation. History says that when Prohibition passed in the 1920s the alcohol interest lobbied for declaring weed to be an illegal narcotic. Their reason was fear that weed would become the people’s favorite high and if alcohol ever became legal again, people wouldn’t want it. How true this is I’m not sure. But what I do know is that marijuana is not a dangerous substance, that it does not drive people insane, that it’s not a gateway drug leading straight to shooting heroin into one’s veins, that marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol, and that for too long, too many people have been fined too much money and spent too much time in prison. It’s time for a change and that’s what I’m voting for.

And, if Issue 3 passes I’m going to look up Alice B. Toklas’ recipe for brownies and wash one down with a Miller High Life. Don’t Bogart that brownie my friend, pass it over to me.

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