Cowabunga, Great Burgers!

There are those who have dedicated their lives in search of the best cheeseburger. While my passion isn’t that great I do make a mental note of where I found a great burger.

Jimmy Buffett made a fortune off of his Cheeseburger in Paradise and even more by opening a chain of restaurants by that name. Well, I’ve eaten in a couple of his joints and didn’t think the burger that great.

Of the chains it’s hard to beat Five Guys. I know their fries are house made and I got a feeling they buy good quality beef that’s freshly ground. Haven’t had a bad experience yet.

When it comes to a good cheeseburger, however, we don’t have to travel very far. Within a few minutes driving time from Worley Mill Rd. there’s Doc’s Bainbridge Restaurant. I had a burger there

yesterday and it was pretty good. Doc’s is next door to White’s Meats and Deli and I suspect that is their source. A better quality bun would have been nice.

Going another direction a decent burger can be found south of Hillsboro at the Barnyard Cafe in Marshall, OH. Only complaint was the extremely slow service we’ve experienced on every visit.

One can enjoy several great burgers in Greenfield, OH. Mention good burgers and locals will begin talking about the great burgers that were once served at a long gone joint called, The Snack Bar. When the TSB closed doors the owner went to work at a joint down the street and took her recipes with her. As a result the burgers and chili at the Quik Stoppe have been pretty special over the years.

It’s been some time since I had a burger at Three Spoons Diner but last time I did it was excellent. Freshly ground beef from a local butcher and never an thing frozen.

Another Greenfield burger institution is Furman’s Bar and Grill. Furman’s is unique in that it uses portion packed frozen patties that taste like fried gold dust. Locals think the secret is in the 1940s era cast iron griddle. There’s something that decades of grease exposure imparts that a brand new grill at McDonald’s just can’t match.

The children's cheeseburger meal at Cowaburger.
The children’s cheeseburger meal at Cowaburger.

Finally I have to go to Hillsboro for my current favorite burger. Cowaburger opened its doors a couple of years ago with the claim of homemade buns, fresh ground beef, and house made fries. Since then they’ve been successful enough that a second restaurant is now making people in Mount Orab happy.

I have two favorite meals at Cowaburger and both are off the children’s menu. The all-beef hot dog meal comes with fries and a small drink. The cheeseburger meal, my favorite, also comes with fries and a drink. The cost of either, with sales tax, is about $5.25 and the portions, to me, are anything but child size. I can’t eat it all so I usually splash malted vinegar on the fries and attack them while they are hot, crispy, and fresh. I may take a bite or two of the burger but it usually comes home to be devoured later. Just one of the things that makes Cowaburger so different is cooking with a combination of hardwood and natural gas. The burgers have a distinct smokey flavor that you just don’t get with a cast iron grill.

Living out here in Turd Creek, Ohio may have a couple of down sides but when it comes to good burgers, the grass here is just as green as over the hill.

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