Fact Checking the Fact Checkerf

For a several years I’ve used Snopes.com and FactCheck.org as my go to sources of getting at the truth of all that smells bad on the Internet.

factcheckingRecently a friend posted a meme containing a supposed statement by former presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann. Supposedly Bachmann said that the dinosaur bones found in museums weren’t real because they weren’t dirty. She also claimed they weren’t real because they were wired together and that real animal don’t need wire to hold their bones in place.

As much as I wanted to learn that she had really said that it wasn’t to be. I did a quick check on Snopes and learned the claim was totally bogus. The next day someone posted that they no longer trusted Snopes because it had been indicted on fraud charges. Once again I detected a foul aroma so I ran that through a couple of fact checkers and as I suspected, it resulted from a bogus email that made the rounds on the pipes of the Internet.

They say that one’s senses weaken as they ages. In my case I’m less able to smell my own farts. Funny thing, however, I can still smell the farts of others.

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