High on a Mountain Top in…

I have a friend who lives in Eastern Kentucky and often speaks about the horrors that coal has brought to his mountains.

One of those horrors is the power of the entrenched mining industry. A power that makes it okay to rip the heart out of the earth and leave the spoils for future generations to deal with. The power to hold working people hostage to an industry that is no longer needed. America really doesn’t need the filth of coal to meet its energy needs. If the power of the coal barons could be broken coal could easily be replaced by wind and solar.

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve taken the back roads through Kentucky and West Virginia but even then you could see what explosives were doing to the land and the environment. In those years things have only gotten worse. More of nature has forever been mutilated, more made toxic, and more people put out of jobs because mountain top mining doesn’t require the labor that shaft mining once did.

Just look at this picture and try to argue there’s enough good to out weigh the bad.


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