Notes on Ageing, Volume 132

One of the regular characters of the Bob and Tom radio program was based on the legendary sports caster, Harry Carey. Don’t know what the real Harry Carey was adult diapers like but the B&T version was a gruff sounding lecherous old character that you may not want to baby sit your children or herd your sheep.

In one episode Carey was visited by beautiful young movie star and he was trying to get her to change his adult diaper. She asked if he were incontinent and he replied, “No, just l don’t like getting up.”

I thought of this a couple of days ago when putting on my very first adult diaper. I knew it would happen some day but I’m  pretty happy it’s only temporary and not age related.

Sometime during the night I woke up with a raging urinary infection and all that goes with it. I pretty much wore a path from the bedroom to the bathroom until Janet reminded me we had a bag of adult diapers that would probably fit me. That and a bedside urinal did the trick until I could get into the ER for a diagnostics and an antibiotic.

It’s pretty weird just letting go in your pants like a little child. It reminded me of the scene from a Pink Panther film where Steve Martin’s character ask his parents at the dinner table if he could go to the bathroom. They said yes, and Martin just sat there with a very pleasurable look on his face and dropped a load in his britches.

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