Notes on Ageing, Volume 147

Our pepper mill broke so we went to a kitchen ware shop in Chillicothe to pickup a new one. Walking towards the door my wife commented on how much she enjoyed wandering around these kinds of places.

A little later I mentioned that if we were twenty years younger I’d like to have the kitchen remodeled with new cabinets, appliances, and the works. We both commented on how neither of us may live long enough to see it finished even if we did start such a project.

Janet decided to remodel the kitchen after all. Here’s the before and after photographs. She was so pleased with her efforts. 

That led to telling her about me opening a new bottle of fish oil capsules yesterday. Knowing we’d be at Sam’s Club the next day I told myself to pick up a new supply. Next thought was, hell there’s 350 capsules in this new bottle and I might not live long enough to even use them up.

I think nature must prepare you for these moments because instead of crying or fretting about our age, we both just laughed out loud. We’ve both had good and fruitful lives and while we’re in no hurry to learn the final truth, it’s kind of no big deal.

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