I Can See the VA From My Porch

veterans-affairsNot that there is any less but, back in the early days of the Obama administration there was lots of controversy regarding America’s health care system. In trying to sort through all the claims and myths about how other nations approached it I read a book by a researcher who had been hired by some institution to visit certain countries and evaluate their systems.

I don’t recall many details but I do remember that Canada and Taiwan were near the top of the best ten list. Some of the other countries he investigated were Germany, England, France, and the US. At no surprise the US ranked at the bottom of the list. Not because of poor health services and facilities but because it was too expensive for too many Americans.

The one shiny spot in US health care was the Veteran’s Administration and after a little Googling it seems that such is still the case, the VA remains one of the most efficient and effective health systems in the nation.

In the past couple of years I’ve been part of several long discussions with veterans on Facebook and have yet found one that speaks poorly about the medical care they’ve received through the VA.

Today I had an appointment with my primary care doctor about Medicare being very slow about approving a medical test. I suggested that maybe I should go through the VA instead. The Doc was fine with that and spoke well of his experiences with the VA. When I returned home I grabbed something to drink and sat down at the computer to catch up on the day’s news. Among the headlines was one about Sarah Palin seeking to be the head of the VA in the Trump administration.

I don’t know if such will happen but the image of Sarah Palin destroying an agency as well tuned as the VA is not one I want to entertain. I would suggest that Palin is the least prepared of all people to run something as big and complex as the VA. I would suggest that if I didn’t know Michelle Bachmann was out there and still hungry for power.

I’ll probably call my Doc and ask he phone in a script for a single cyanide capsule just in case.

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