More Random Thoughts

Being a political junkie and having Trump in the White House makes it almost impossible to have a random thought that is not political. Consider this a warning.

  • I just spent four hours shredding documents in what is supposed to be a paperless society.
  • I’m becoming paranoid about Trump being paranoid.
  • Since January 20, 2017 I’ve had a solid reason to get out of bed and turn on the TV. Unfortunately I’m getting to be a historical eyewitness to the Trump directed meltdown of America.
  • The older you get the less you are aware of popular culture. Driving past a multiplex I didn’t recognize a single movie title on their bill board.
  • I’ve often wondered what should be the measure of having too much money. Possibly it’s being able to afford to rent a rocket to take you beyond the moon and back.
  • All presidents should stop using war widows and victims of violence as political props in their speeches.
  • Politicians need to immediately stop putting party before people. They should begin and end any legislative thought by asking if the consequences honestly serve the betterment of the general population.

  • Every day I meet the mailman at the box hoping my deportation orders have arrived.
  • Is there anyone in the White House who hasn’t met with an agent of the Russian government?
  • Ever wonder how much longer Shep Smith can keep his job at Fox?
  • If I continue to boycott crazy conservative southern states I’m going to have to take up ice fishing in Massachusetts.
  • Trump is off to Mar-a-Largo for the fourth straight weekend. He is rapidly becoming America’s highest maintenance president. It cost the taxpayers over $3 million each time he goes south.
  • I wake up most mornings hoping to learn that some underpaid and underappreciated junior clerk at the IRS got pissed and leaked Trumps tax returns.

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