Recent Random Ramblings

  • Trump is the first occupant of the White House who has been given carte blanche to make shit up while providing zero evidence.
  • It’s been said that Trump Tweets while sitting on the toilet each morning. I’m thinking his most angry, ridiculous, and outrageous Tweets come from those times when he is the most constipated.
  • If Obama did tap Trump’s phones it suggest a federal judge saw sufficient evidence of wrongdoing to justify a warrant.
  • In one February Ohio week we had the highest temperature ever recorded, followed by plummeting temperatures and spitting snow, and finishing up with a tornado that left a 7-mile track through Highland County.
  • Old Chinese proverb, “Be wary of autocratic rulers with goofy fucking haircuts.”

  • I don’t know which is worse, Trump with a nuclear trigger or Kim Jung-un with a nuclear trigger? Shit, they both have nuclear triggers!
  • “Marsh is National Women’s Month. It’s followed by an April of stacked up dirty dishes.”
  • When did Jesus say that if you weren’t bruising your child you weren’t spanking them enough? Some far-right preacher said this is how God wants us to raise children.
  • Most Medieval kings would tell you that the tax collectors are the last people you get rid of.
  • I keep hearing people explaining away Trump’s behaviors as, “he’s just doing what he told us he’d do.” Looking past how much I disagree with what he said he would do let me ask, is part of what you like about him is the certainty he will lie to America at least once a day? That he will make up improbable shit that undermines both our government and how other nations perceived us?
  • Lewis Black said that things used to be better because people paid taxes and they got stuff that made life better. He mentioned something that I could relate to. In the 1950s we had a summer playground program at school. Mr. Mowbray  ran it and we played both organized and unorganized games, made crafts, had story time, and maybe from time to time got a snack. Parents didn’t have to worry about where their children were.

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