When is Enough Enough?

There is some debate about the total number of guns in America with the consensus being above 300 million. The number of guns isn’t too different from the number of people, including children.

Adding to that is the millions of guns that continue to be manufactured in America every year. The chart below shows the numbers from 1986 through 2013 and one can easily see that the gun makers are on good times. In fact, the times are even better. Last week I heard the most recent report stating total manufacture in 2017 was in excess of fourteen million.

Taking note that most of these guns stay in America I have to ask myself, how many guns is enough guns? Over the past couple of months I’ve spent a lot of time researching the gun issue/issues and while some of my opinions have changed two have remained the same; there are too many guns in America and they are too easy to get. If America is in deed interested in sensible gun laws here’s two places to begin.

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