A Nazi lives in the Bronx

Most likely you’ve never heard of Jakiw Palij and there’s no reason you should have. Palij has lived in America since 1949 and today is the last known Nazi war criminal living in this country. He was once granted US citizenship but in 2004 a federal judge stripped him of that and ordered he be deported. He is still here and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has no plans to boot him out because no nation wants him.

Another name you’ve probably not heard is Miguel Perez Jr. , Perez was in America on a permanent green card, joined the US Army and did two tours in Afghanistan. When he returned he was diagnosed with PTSD and possible brain damage. He was charged with cocaine possession, had his green card stripped, and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. After serving half his sentence he was turned over to ICE and has since been deported to Mexico leaving behind his parents and children who are all US citizens.

Here’s one more piece of this story; this Easter morning Donald Trump announced there would be no deal on DACA. Like most things Trump utters he did this with little consideration of what it means to millions of people who have been promised America would find a place for them.

To me a major point of these three stories is that in spite of working and paying taxes, having children born as citizens, having parents who became citizens. and risking their lives in our military America is going to take a classical dump on all these people. But, at the same time we’re going to allow a known war criminal to live out his life on a quiet tree-lined street in the Bronx.


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