Another Ambien Story

I’ve taken Ambien for years to help me go to sleep. Sleep was never a problem until a couple of back to back surgeries about ten years ago. As many of you know, Ambien has side effects that include sleep walking. We’ve talked about this before and many of you Ambien users have such stories to share.

Anyway, couple of months ago I decided to try something different and my doctor wrote me a script for Lunesta.  While it did put me to sleep it left such a horrible aftertaste in my mouth that I just had to give it up and go back to Ambien. So here’s my latest Ambien story.

I have to set the stage a little for you. On a table next to my living room recliner was my 1960 high school year book. In the refrigerator was about one half of a small can of Bush baked beans. In the laundry room, above the washer, is a cabinet that contained a couple of boxes of high fiber breakfast bars. So, I fix myself half a peanut butter sandwich, take my meds and tuck myself in for the night.

Forgive him Lord for he ain’t got no clue to his gluttony.

Next morning I waken up to an empty can of beans with a spoon in it, sitting on the nightstand. On the floor is one opened and empty breakfast bar wrapper and one that hasn’t been opened. When I went into the laundry room to return the unopened fiber bar I discovered my yearbook sitting on top of the washer, directly below the storage cabinet that contained the bars.

Best I can figure is that totally without awareness of my actions I had gotten out of bed, gone to the fridge for the beans, and either before or after collected my yearbook and headed for the laundry room. There I sat the yearbook on the washer and pulled out a couple of bars and headed back to bed.

If you have a similar story you’d like to share please leave it in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Another Ambien Story”

  1. My brother called me and asked, “Why did you call me at 3 o’clock this morning?” I answered, “I didn’t call you.” He replied, “Oh, yes you did.” and he gave me several examples of the conversation.

    It was the last Ambien I ever took.

  2. Larry, Aref is the VERY same way! Sleep walking on Ambien! Eating, fixing sandwichs, etc. He had to stop taking. Very dangerous for him to walk around in this state, very dangerous!

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