My New Conspiracy Theory, Trust Me!

I’m tired of being the only person with a conspiracy theory to share so I’m now taking my turn.

I turned on Morning Joe and the truth just seemed to flow forth. It began with a series of video clips of Trump talking about how greedy he is and has always been. Scarborough, having been around Trump on numerous occasions, gave credence to money being of extreme importance to Trump. He said that Trump was the guy who would not let someone else make a buck off him unless he got a cut.

The topic then turned to yesterday’s revelation that Mike Cohen had established one or more shell companies to channel money through. So far investigators have  found that over four million dollars have passed through these shell companies and it seems to have come from various companies,  one with foreign connections, seeking access to Trump. If this proves the case it foretells legal problems for Cohen because he has not registered as a lobbyist or agent of a foreign entity.

Now back to Trump’s greed. If Cohen is receiving millions of dollars for access to Trump, could Trump not pass up a chance to profit? Would he not insist on his piece of the pie?

If this is not enough of a conspiracy story let me add the clincher. Two of Trump’s closest personal allies are Israel and Saudi Arabia and both nations have been dead set against any agreement with Iran. Yesterday, against the advice of our long time allies and others in the know, Trump broke the Iranian nuclear agreement. When so many people in the know felt that was a bad mistake, why did Trump do it anyway?

The answer is in following the money. Just like the money is ensnaring Cohen in a web, that web might also grab on to Trump. Keep digging into the money trail and I’ll predict you’ll find that Cohen’s money will lead to Trump being caught in a conspiracy to saté his greed. Keep after the money and you just might find the same with Israel and the Saudis. Could they, through some secret channel, have slipped Trump the big bucks to back out of the Iran deal? Could Russia be playing on Trump’s greed by offering him financial gems for  getting out of Syria or weakening US sanctions on them?

Well, there’s my conspiracy story and regardless of how implausible it may seem, I’m sticking to is. I wonder if Vegas is offering any odds on it?

One thought on “My New Conspiracy Theory, Trust Me!”

  1. Look up the Israel criminal investigation into their so called greedy leader. And do not forget that the Saudi prince financed Jared’s family in the last few months after Jared gave him the list he gleamed from daddy-in-law’s top secret official files. They are all connected CROOKS.

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