America Owes Its Immigrants a Thank You!

Typical of the homes he was building in the last years of his business.

My brother owned a custom home building business in Raleigh, NC. He had his own crew for certain jobs but for most he relied on subcontractors. As the years passed the subs began hiring more and more immigrants because they couldn’t find enough willing, reliable, and skilled Americans. The next thing that happened was the immigrants figured out what the sub business was all about and started their own subcontractor businesses. Because they couldn’t find Americans to do the work they too turned to relying on immigrants. It’s like I said, we’ve always needed immigrants. We needed the Irish and Chinese to build our railroads. We needed Italians to mine our coal. We needed Poles to make our steel and other East Europeans to butcher our beef. And we needed Mexicans to harvest our fields and orchards. Most of these people assimilated, gained citizenship, and eventually prospered and added to the diversity and strength of America. Just think what life would be without the gastronomic influences of the Mexicans and Italians. No tacos or pizza. Just go ahead and kill me!

2 thoughts on “America Owes Its Immigrants a Thank You!”

  1. very well put, i have two brother in laws that use to come the USA every year to plant and pick chilies and to tassel corn to earn enough money to send back home for their families to survive. They came legal on a work visa, they lived in condos provided by their employer that was so crowed with workers that they had to sleep on the floors because they couldn’t get enough beds in the room, They was provided with a van that they could use once a week to drive into town to buy food and supplies, they never complained because they was happy to have a job. When they received their check the deductions was taken out of their checks. They were income and social security taxes. These taxes they paid they probably will never ever see again, I asked them if they ever filed for their income taxes and they had no idea what i was talking about, the jest of my story is there are so many migrants that will come the USA and pay into the government system and will never benefit from any of it because they are unaware or ever told that they have these benefits due to them. Our immigration system is broken by the way, when a US citizen with US citizen children married to an undocumented spouse is told they can’t live in the USA due to a small mistake done 18 years ago and they have tried to do it the right way but is still denied we have a problem. The US government has made it so hard to come here legally I can see why most just try to enter Illegally.

  2. Our country is a country based on immigration. As always, I agree with you, Larry. I find it terrible sad the vengeance our present government has gone after the immigrates.

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