Sanders & Sessions, “The Bible Tells us So”

Sarah Sanders repeatedly lied in a recent news briefing that the Trump administration was simply enforcing existing (ten-year old) laws that require separation of parents and children at the border. I just did some fact checking on that and she is not telling the truth. There are laws about retaining people illegally entering the US but the separation of families and incarceration of children is a policy ordered by Trump and carried out by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It is a heinous policy that violates the core of both morality and America’s historical claim of supporting human rights. Even when the US immorally incarcerated Japanese citizens during World War Two we at least had the decency to keep families united.

In her press briefing Sanders was called out about the administration’s lying about the separation policies. Both she and Jeff Sessions are being challenged and both have resorted to every argument in the book to support their behaviors. Most recently they both have turned to the Bible. Citing Romans 13 they claim that the law is the law and it is God’s will that the law be obeyed.

I’m certainly no Biblical scholar but I know enough about the Bible to know that it is filled with contradictory statements. I’m betting that for every pro-government statement there are many more that demand the protection of children, the family, and the meek. I took the time to read Roman’s 13 and  find it to be more than dangerous. To me it is essentially demanding people blindly accept the laws and leadership of mere mortals. Isn’t that exactly what citizens of Nazi Germany were doing in the 1930s and 40s? Didn’t we often hear German soldiers accused of war crimes offer excuses that they were merely following orders, the dictates of their seniors?

Another thing about  members of the Government citing Biblical passages is the conflict it creates between the need for separation of church and state. When did the Founding Fathers or the Supreme Court decide that America was to be a theocracy based on Christian Biblical tenets? Aren’t we supposed to have religious  freedom?  Would the Sanders and Sessions of America be willing to follow God’s will if it were expressed in the Torah or Koran? After all, it’s the same God talking in all three books.

Here’s the deal. Regardless of how you try to polish this turd, it remains a turd.  American immigration law is horrible and the fault rest squarely on the shoulders of both political parties. Rather than find a reasonable and fair answer the can just gets kicked down the road. Today the can has come to rest with a policy that inhumanly rips children from their mother’s arms and incarcerates them in makeshift prisons for undetermined sentences.

And this isn’t the first time in American History. Just consider what US  policies toward the American Indian did to families and entire tribal nations during the 19th century. Or consider the effects that slavery had on generations of black Americans. The deal is, however,  we were supposed to have learned from our past wrongs and made America a better country. To do so we’ve amended our Constitution and written volumes of legal codes to preserve, expand and protect human rights from the excesses of government.

In 21st century America no family should be torn apart as a consequence of immoral or unethical politics. Children are not supposed to be denied due process and locked up in some abandoned Walmart building or a tent city on the outskirts of Bulldroppings, Texas. If we insist on deporting people who come here illegally at least do it humanely. If they come here as families deport them as families. We don’t need to handle broken desperate people with mean-spirited policy.

Simply put, we need to be more American.

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  1. And at the end of the whole wretched “Fokes, this is all the Democrats’ fault” process, note that the GOP has crafted a bill to relieve the situation, and which contains things the Dems couldn’t possibly support. Brilliantly played, huh? But did we really expect from Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders? They’re from a milieu in which, when you get a chance to browbeat other, unenlightened, citizens with your own evangelism, you take it. It’s sickening how little trust these educated public servants have in the lessons of our own history.

  2. Larry, you sure we aren’t twins? My goodness, !! I been going on about all this subject all day yesterday and all week. You beat me to the research! But I didn’t realize cesspool Sessions had stated ” separation of religion and state was unconstitutional “!!!? What constitution is he reading???? These guys are nothing if not committing treason!!! Were we not taught and you must have taught – our United States of America ‘s Constitution states “separation of religion and state”?! As your research into biblical quotes are from the Old Testament, but what about the New Testament? Jesus said something about “love your neighbor as you love yourself” ( I think I have that correct) . Also, isn’t there something about “giving a helping hand”! And last not least – The Golden Rule: Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated”! I will have to look these up!
    They all should be taken up & arrest for treason!
    Thanks for listening. Want over for NOW!

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