You take the high road, I’ll take the low road!

In the aftermath of several Trump staffers being harassed in public, including,  Sarah Sanders being 86ed from a small Virginia restaurant, California congresswoman Maxine Waters told a group of her supporters to challenge Trump’s administrative staff where ever they are encountered.

While it can certainly be argued that Waters should have remained on the high road, she didn’t. And if her pep rally words did anything they got Trump supporters all in a wedgie over incivility.  I find such to be humorous given that Donald Trump is a poster child for incivility. He even road on the Incivility Float during the 1982 Rose Parade.

The proof of his incivility isn’t hard to find. Simply do a search on YouTube and all those wonderfully uncivil moments from his presidential campaign will come rushing back. Some of my favorites include him telling his security people to throw the bastards out, expressing his wanting to punch a protester in the face, promising to pay the legal fees of supporters who got physical with protesters, and my all time favorite, Trump mocking a reporter who had a physical deformity. Shit, I almost forgot the time he claimed Ted Cruz’s father was part of the conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy and when he wanted to compare penis size with Marco Rubio. Give that man a small hand!

American incivility didn’t begin with Donald Trump and it won’t end when he fades away like all old draft dodgers eventually do. But what Trump has changed is making it a routine part of our systems of politics and government.

The day when an American presidential candidate can actually walk into the middle of 5th Ave. and shoot a person with immunity may be just around a few corners. I just hope Trump’s route into the history books of America will a low road, one that leads to that oft mentioned special place in hell.

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