A Little Political Science & History

I watched the attached video and had no problem whatsoever seeing the parallels and similarities between Mussolini and Hitler as compared to the rise of Donald Trump.

I’m not saying they are a perfect match or that the times are exactly the same. But, I do believe that Trump craves total control, has contempt for intellectuals, fears opposing political parties and ideologies, wouldn’t hesitate to stomp out the free press, curtail free speech, align himself with the military, and wouldn’t turn down an enabling act if offered one.

I don’t live my life in fear of Trump but I do keep aware of how close he comes to walking in the footpaths of Il Duce and the der Führer.

One thought on “A Little Political Science & History”

  1. Share your thoughts. As usual. As depressing it is we must keep up with what is happening in DC. We have to be aware. Never in my life have I distrusted the man in the WH or group around him. Turn on my tablet and TV in morning praying he hasn’t declared himself some sort of demigod. We know that is how he sees himself.With all the distractions we must be concerned what they are doing that is not out in open.

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