Gutless Little Yes Men

The Three Amigos; Pancho, El Trumpo, and Chico.

GOP Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania went on MSNBC recently and tore Donald Trump a new anal opening. He was especially critical of the government shutdown and Trump’s refusal to pass a spending bill. He also chastised Trump for bending to the will of far-right media personalities. There are at least two things wrong with Costello’s criticisms, first he won’t be a part of the incoming 116 Congress and secondly, for the past two years, his record of supporting Trump is 96%. Looks like he got real damned mad and real damned honest when he didn’t have worry about the Donald looking over his shoulder.

Arizona’s GOP Senator Jeff Flake and Tennessee’s GOP Senator Bob Corker have similar stories. Both won’t be returning in January, both pretend to be critics of Trump, and both have voting records that closely paralleled that of Trump. Corker racked up an 88% pro-Trump voting record while Flake’s reached 96%.

In my eyes, these are just three more examples of gutless minions who weren’t able to follow their own minds until they didn’t have to worry about where their next campaign donation was coming from.

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