A Little Murals, A Little Travel, & a Little More

There seems to be a movement afoot throughout America. A manic movement to decorate old brick walls with colorful, artistic, and/or historical murals. Possibly the earliest I noticed were huge murals along Cincinnati’s Central Ave. More recently we have visited the historical flood wall artworks of Portsmouth which have become a major visitor draw. The most common visit I’m aware of is to tour the flood walls and then have supper at the Scioto Ribber.

Wilmington has a growing crop of excellent murals in its business district and several years ago Greenfield’s Community Market adorned its east wall with a trio of mostly historical murals. Not sure it’s a mural but I like what the Zint’s do with the Corner Pharmacy wall. The first murals I recall in Greenfield were those painted by Eddie Tipton back in the 1970s. I remember those being more folk art like and I believe most of have faded into the pages of time.

What made me think of this subject was a recent travel item touting the murals of Mexia, Texas. It caught my eye because my cousin and her family live in nearby Wortham. In 2014 she hosted our traveling family reunion and those from out of town mostly stayed in Mexia’s Holiday Inn Express. It is possibly America’s smallest town to be represented by HIE.

The sum of what I know about Wortham and Mexia, besides my cousin living there, Is that Wright’s BBQ in Mexia is the real deal. And Wortham is internationally known to blues fans being the birth and burial place of the legendary Blind “Lemon” Jefferson.

Regarding Greenfield brick wall history, I’d like to see G3 or some other organization take on the project of restoring the Coca-Cola painting on the side of the Curren Law Offices and the Lyric Theater painting on the side of Dr. Orr’s Vetnarian Center. Possibly something could be done in conjunction with MHS art students.


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