Walls, Drugs, Drones and Folly

Yesterday I did a little Googling about using drones to get up and over border walls and I didn’t have to dig too far to learn that the technology exists to inexpensively smuggle large amounts of drugs into America via an air force of drones.

Drones vary widely in both price and payload. A few thousand dollars on Amazon will buy one a drone capable of carrying a payload of 12 kg. At an average street price of $200 a gram in the US a 12 kg cargo could be valued at as much as $2.4 million. For several thousand more one could buy a drone with a cargo capacity of 660 pounds. You do the math and don’t forget such a drone may be able to smuggle a couple of people over a wall.

Today I was reading an article written by a forensic engineer whose job is to spot the flaws in structural wall designs. This person has taken a close look at the existing and proposed walls for our southern border and concluded that existing walls are not working and planed designs won’t work either. One of her arguments is what I was just describing, the affordable cost of high capacity drones.

One thing we know drug cartels have no shortage of is operating capital. It would mean nothing for them to buy risk a few thousand in a machine that might make them several million in profit.

Add to that the versatility of a drone. They are small, affordable, fast, easy to pilot, and they can fly in the dark and at high altitudes.

There are many ways a wall will not secure our southern border. Efficient and effective use of drones is just one.

This model is relatively inexpensive and can carry 26 lbs of heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, or any other contraband. 

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