Barr is the First Pitch of the First Inning of a Game that Could Set a Record for Overtime

Trump appoints and the GOP controlled Senate approves an Attorney General with an easy to see and fully documented bias against the appointment of a special counsel. That handpicked and biased AG was hand a report that took over two years to compile and in less than two full days issues a summary that draws game-changing conclusions. He concludes there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and his people and the Russians. All along, however, it has been argued conclusively that there is no such crime as collusion.

Immediately, Trump was all Lady GaGa about there being no collusion. He is claiming total vindication and hinting vengeance against those who called him out.

What Trump has totally ignored and wants the world to ignore is the question of obstruction of justice. That is the criminal charge and that is the question to which both Mueller and Barr refused to pronounce an opinion.

So, here’s where we are. We have Trump running around with a giant whitewash brush while the specific results of 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, and 500 witness interviews remain unknown. Also unknown are the people and subjects being investigated by unknow state and federal agencies and prosecutors.

We don’t know yet how many total pages the Mueller Report contains but we know it took less than 48 hours for one man to write a conclusion that has one of the most corrupt men ever to serve in American politics spewing forth a river of I told you so’s.

Well, I can play the game as well and I’m telling you that it just began. It won’t be over until the American people know what each of those search warrants revealed, what each of those 2,800 subpoenas produced, and what each of those 500 witnesses had to say. It won’t be over until the Democratically controlled House of Representatives has concluded their several investigations into Trump, his administration, his campaign, his inauguration, his businesses, and his children are over.  It won’t be over until the Attorney General of New York State and the Attorney General’s Southern Division of New York have lifted every rock and have said there’s nothing left to find.

What Trump is left with is what he’s always had. The ability to draw unwarranted conclusions, issue relentless charges of fake news and enemy of the people against any and all who challenge him. And the psychological ability to tell countless lies and distorted truths free of any sense of wrong.

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