Trae Crowder Reassures Us About Rich White Kids

I followed a Facebook thread today begun by a former student who was reacting to the unfolding college admittance scandal. She was relating how hard she worked to get into college and to pay her own way without help from others, including her mother. There is nothing unique about this woman, she did it the way most of us did it, on our own merits and our own labors. She wasn’t whining or bitching but instead, just expressing the disappointment she felt that American higher education is so difficult for the most while others can evade the hurdles with little more than monetary bribes from their parents.

Later in the afternoon I checked my YouTube account and found a new video posting from America’s redneck liberal, Trae Crowder. His post dealt with the same disappointment but using satire he assures us that this scandal changes nothing. The rich will continue getting theirs and the rest of us will continue looking up to them for it. I love his comment about how rich white kids will continue to perfectly judge just how far to be from a black kid when taking selfies.


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