One thought on “Traffic Fees”

  1. Interesting! As you know, I lived in NYC as a child, last time when I was 11, but we NEVER needed the car in the City. Walking was the norm, buses, taxi or subway if you needed to go further. Only time the car came out of storage is if we wanted to go out to Long Island or further out of the City. Even when we went to Coney Island for the day. hopped on the train. Frankly, a whole lot more convenient .Driving a car in the City, even in the early 1950’s was unthinkable. My best friend in NYC, Margie and I naturally went everywhere on skates. Still have those skates, all metal, clamped onto our hard sole shoes using a skate key one wore around neck. They were my Mom’s, those skates she used. Last present her father gave her.
    As for England, English cousin Karen, who lives there, said it is expensive to just own a car in UK with all the cost included. And let’s not leave out Tehran, Iran, Aref has some stories about owning an automobile there with all the cost.
    Always good and bad with everything, no matter where we live. HUH?

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