Trump’s Health Care Plan is to Pay Your Taxes & Die

I could easily begin this piece with a list of all the things Trump promised his supporters in 2016 but has failed to deliver on. If I did at the top of the list would have to be that thing about Mexico building a wall and paying for it.

But the wall pales in contrast to the promises he made to provide Americans with a world-class health care system. Early on he promised:

“To repeal Obamacare ‘immediately’ and replace it with ‘something terrific.”

Well, from taking office in 2017 until the Democrats regained the House in 2018, strongly on the issue of health care, Trump and his totally GOP government have miserably failed to do so. It took Obama and the support of every Democrat a full two years to create the less than perfect ACA and despite dozens of GOP bills and court cases, it has been weakened but not erased. And in spite of its weaknesses, millions of Americans do have some level of health care they didn’t have before the ACA.

So where does America stand with Trump, the GOP, and access to affordable and quality health care? During his campaign in 2016 Trump promised he would protect Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and the protection of preexisting conditions. Those were just some of the major promises made and, like the Mexican paid wall, they remain unkept and unacknowledged failures.

In fact, they’ve become out in the open aspects of his latest budget proposal to Congress. In his proposals he doesn’t even bother to window dress the issues, he clearly comes out fighting to de-gut them.

His Medicaid proposal, if passed, will over a ten-year period, reduce Medicare expenditures by $1.5 trillion dollars. His plan for Medicare is to reduce it almost a$1 trillion, and Social Security will see cuts of hundreds of billions.

And what about the plan to replace it all with something so perfectly better? Well, let’s get real. When Obama had control of both houses of Congress it took a full two years and almost total Democrat support to pass what we all know as the imperfect ACA law. When the GOP regained control of Congress in 2010 they, rather than correct it’s weaknesses, they tried to overturn Obamacare almost fifty times while filing and losing a number of court challenges. In the intervening years they not even tried to produce a workable replacement for ACA,

Look, it’s obvious to anyone willing to open their Kool-Aid clouded eyes that Trump doesn’t have the backs of the American people covered on these basic and vital issues.  He remains more interested in serving his own needs and those of his Mar-a-Lago buddies. The proof is no further than the action he and the GOP leadership took only two days after his hand-picked Attorney General Barr gave him what he thinks is a get out of jail free pass.

In spite of what the majority of American voters expressed in their 2016 House decisions, the GOP has just turned the US Department of Justice loose on attacking the ACA in the federal courts. They are filing suit to totally and completely declare the ACA unconstitutional. If the stacked conservative Supreme Court agrees with them tens of millions of Americans will see what little health care they do have to go the way of the dodo bird, into the graveyard of extinction.

America is fast becoming the land of the greedy, by the greedy, and for the greedy. For the rest of us, we go on doing what we’ve always done, pay our taxes and die.



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