GOING ELECTRIC: According to Reuters, in March, fully electric cars made up nearly 60 percent of the new-car market in Norway, a world record. A recent increase in the electric sales coincided with deliveries of Tesla’s Model 3 and Audi’s e-tron. The country aims to end sales of all fossil-fuel vehicles by 2025.

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Mary Jennifer Walker
Mary Jennifer Walker

Always have thought electric car possibly is the way to go. Wasn’t the first auto here in USA an electric car (the horseless carriage)? Before fossil fuel engine auto? Maybe this is just “fake news” lol, but I do believe over the years (before internet) there were actually plans to run cars on water??? And that everytime that there were plans to create an auto motor that was run on anything other than fossil fuel the fossil fuel community (Big Oil) purchased the plans and shut it down? The same with electric cars. In SC the tax on alternate cars… Read more »