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  1. NO spray starch??? What are we supposed to do? I remember Mama cooking starch from that lump of ICKY stuff she bought at grocery. Seems it came in medium size rectangular box and possibly a blue color on white? ? She would then soak the linens, shirts, my dresses and yes, my underwear – Mama starched everything! Then she would sprinkle the item and roll it up and put it in the bottom drawer of refrigerator. She would iron as we sat in the kitchen listening to the radio shows (you which ones). She would iron item and then pull out another one. One after another. The starch and moisture created steam and one of those smells one associates with home, comfort and safety.
    As much as I was exposed to the poorer side of the economic spectrum, I NEVER heard of anyone eating pure starch. Without researching, I believe, maybe, the starch back then was not chemical. If my memory serves me – there is potato starch, starch created from boiling potatoes . Then there is the starch created when you boil rice, like rice used to be cooked (boiled, washed and then steam – Aref still cooks rice this way). Possibly those old cakes of starch was really potato starch maybe with sugar added??? Hum! need to research that. Then isn’t there starch made from wheat (Flour)?? Gluten in flour is what makes flour sticky is possibly a starch?

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