Add One More Commandment to the List

Back in the ’60s I rented an apartment from a Jewish family and from them learned that God didn’t stop with 10 Commandments. According to Jewish teaching, there are actually 613 Commandments. Well, I’d like to add one more to the list, Thou shall not be willfully ignorant.

It appears that people, maybe more than ever, are refusing to educate or inform themselves about what’s going on around them. It’s the old bury your head in the sand concept of what you can’t see can’t harm you. The average Trump zealot is quite guilty of this. They refuse to seek and/or accept independent or conflicting information about Trump and what he has done and is doing. Working Trump stiffs believe Trump’s tax cut, for example, was aimed at helping them while in reality, it gave billions to America’s wealthiest families.

There’s another form of ignorance that’s becoming more common with the emergence of Trump, imposed ignorance. The Trump administration is, as quietly as possible, pushing knowledge and information under the carpet and out of sight to the general public.

Rachell Maddow recently reported that important government scientific agencies and hundreds of scientist that they employ are being quietly moved to the middle of the country where zero facilities are available in which to carry on their work on climate change and other vital issues. The scientists themselves have been given thirty-day notices and told they must either pack up and move to Bison Fart, Missouri or submit their resignations.

The Tradumpsters and their corporate handlers are all against the realities of climate change and global warming and they detest the thought that government studies may shed light on the truth and cost them votes and profits. So, it appears that they are instigating a policy of enforced ignorance by weakening or destroying those institutions that have the potential to inform the public.

There’s nothing new about this. When Trump brought Steve Bannon into his campaign and later his White House he did so with full knowledge that Bannon’s, and the Alt-Right’s stated objectives included deinstitutionalizing the federal government. Bannon, Trump, and the acting clowns in Donny’s cabinet are the current frontline soldiers of corporate America in the war of what’s right and moral versus what reduces regulations and increases profits.

Thou shall not be ignorant, willful or otherwise! So sayeth your best interest.

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  1. WOW I have know Jewish people all my life. Even have a very good friend back in Macon, GA (used to work for her), never knew that there were that many commandants (to start with). Agree, Larry, with your addition to commandant list. The old saying “Ignorance is bliss” is completely wrong. Ignorance is stupidity as you said. Try telling the police person who pulls you over for speeding in a 40 mile zone and you are doing 55. “Oh, officer, I didn’t know the speed limit was 40″! ” IGNORANCE of the law is no excuse” is what you will hear from “officer and the judge”!

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