No Ice Cream for This Woman, Ignorance to the Nth

Ever hear the old adage, “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It simply wastes your time and pisses off the pig?” That’s what I think of when I think about trying to explain to a Trump supporter why they shouldn’t be a Trump supporter. They’re never going to get it and you’re just going to walk away pissed that you even tried.

While the woman in this video may be an extreme example of BLIND loyalty to the cult leader, she represents elements that are commonly found in the Trump Army of Kool-Aid consumers. She is stubborn, she is willfully ignorant, she refuses to even consider the truth, you could show her video footage of Trump’s comments and behaviors and she would find numerous ways to sidestep them.

On another site, I posted in errored and said she was stupid and should not be permitted to vote. While she may be stupid it’s an assumption I shouldn’t have made and I shouldn’t deny anyone their right to vote. What she is, however, is living in a world of total denial. And for that, she should never again be allowed to eat ice cream.

One thought on “No Ice Cream for This Woman, Ignorance to the Nth”

  1. Correct. If we stoop to that way of thinking(not allowing people their American right of voting) then we are stooping to their level. As you, I never want to be on their level of ignorance of our rights. You say these “Kool Aid drinkers may never eat ice cream, I want to add they may never eat chocolate”! Or may they could just be given a gift from God of permanent diarrhea. That might be better.

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